#2016ClassicsChallenge February Read

The Book of Three (The Chronicles of Prydain)

I chose this book as my book for February because it looked thin. February can be a challenging month, which is why I think they made it so short. If I was feeling down at the never-ending winter, Taran and his buddies cheered me up no end. I was surprised by it. It has the unlikeliest beginning, a pig running off for some unknown reason, but it doesn’t fail to amuse all the way. And this is why: This book is the best proof you could want that sidekicks are crucial to a good children’s book (and adult’s too if you ask me). What would Sherlock be without Holmes, Harry without Ron and Hermione, Lyra without Pantalaimon, Frodo without Samwise, Tom Sawyer without Huckleberry Finn? I could go on, which I think kind of makes my point…

Anyway, the Book of Three’s best character in my view is Eilonwy. She is outspoken, and independent, and poo-poos Taran’s pompous pride all the way with her awesome figures of speech. One of my favourites…

‘If you don’t listen to what someone tells you […] it’s like putting your fingers in your ears and jumping down a well.’

Thank you very much to Teensonmoonlane.co.uk for recommending it on Twitter.

the book of three

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