Me and Star the Owl

Nobody wants my life story, but I will give you the best bits. I grew up in North Wales, by the sea and the mountains, until I left for the harsh reality of Cambridge, where there’s no sea or mountains.

I’ve been making up stories all my life, from my very first illustrated book about a lonesome dragon and a spoilt princess. It was a masterpiece I’m sure, though my mum clearly didn’t think so, or she would have kept it.

One day (shortly) after leaving university I realised I had to grow up and earn some money, so I became a barrister, but it never felt right. I left after a valiant 10 year run to raise my kids and write a book.

I live in Frome in Somerset with my husband, three children and three dogs. Still no sea or mountains… But some hills, and Longleat’s quite close. So there are lions.

I love reading, plays and music, dancing and making cakes, and then eating them.

I wrote my first novel, Starkeeper, about a 13 year old boy whose scientific mind struggles to get to grip with the fact that he has a Guardian Angel. Once I had written it, I realised I needed help. Writing a book it seems, is not as simple as just writing a book. Then you have to edit it. So I went to the Golden Egg Academy, wonderfully based in Frome too, and they started to help me.

Meanwhile, bored of editing, I wrote another book, called Hettakin’s Stripes, about a juvenile badger whose Sett is taken by foxes when her family is killed in a cull. Sounds awful, right? But it’s not. In setting off to find a way to get her Sett back, she finds friends, real friends who make her realise that she doesn’t need her Sett to be home.

This blog is a glimpse into the inside of my head.

One day my books will give a further look.

There will be sea, and mountains. Oh, and badgers, castles, magic, starlight, dogs (lots), books (loads), lions, film references, and cake (lots).

See you there one day.



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