My Agent

It’s been a couple of weeks now, but today I’ve finally been able to tell the world, or people I’m not related to, that I have secured an agent, Ben Illis at the BIA.

This was the announcment made by the Golden Egg Academy:

CONGRATULATIONS to lovely Egger, Karen Minto in securing agent, Ben Illis of Hooray!

Ben said ‘I’m so excited to have taken Karen on and cannot WAIT to introduce the world to Hettakin, a very plucky little badger whose journey is filled with warmth, heart and humour, and who can teach the world a thing or two about owning our mistakes, facing our fears and striving to do right by ourselves and make our world a better place. It’s a message I think we could all do with hearing and Karen gets it across with great skill and simplicity, in not small part due to the considered mentoring that comes with her being an Egg and which makes the GEA such an important incubator for tomorrow’s writing talent. Exciting times ahead!’

‘Hettakin’s Stripes’ is a middle grade woodland animal adventure, a charming, humorous, modern take on classics such as Wind in the Willows, with a little bit of Rumpole of the Bailey.

In it, Hettakin, a young badger, has her Sett taken from her by foxes after her whole family disappears. She sets off on a journey to reclaim her home, accompanied by Goof, a hedgehog with a certain way with words, and the mighty Fangle, a long-eared owl. Along the way, Hettakin discovers that home isn’t necessarily the place you have, but the friends you make, even when you’re not looking for them.

Things are on the up!