I’m constantly writing. I love it more than Wispas or Twirls, which is pretty astonishing to everyone who knows me really well.

I recently wrote a book called The Adventure of Odd the Troll, a middle grade book about a Troll raised by Fairies. It’s an Ugly Duckling tale mixed with a fantastical Tolkien-esque quest, and features a lot of cake.

I’ve also written a book called Hettakin’s Stripes, which is a middle grade book about a badger who loses her Sett to a bunch of gnarly foxes. Along with some new friends, the hedgehog Goof and the long-eared owl Fangle, Hettakin sets off on a quest to get it back.

I have other books in the making swirling round in my head, one making its way onto the page, and I’m also writing one with a friend.

My agent is Ben Illis of the BIA.